You may have heard that Belgrade is European capital of nightlife. Indeed, the night is often the best part of Belgrade’s day.

Our services are designed to ensure that you experience Belgrade’s nightlife from a completely new perspective. With us, there is no waiting in long lines, no bad nor average nights out. With us, the most exclusive seats, the most attractive entourage and the best nightlife are guaranteed.
For any our services, you can contact us before your arival to Belgrade, but also during your stay.


Nightlife in Belgrade team has prepared a large selection of the best accommodation in Belgrade. Depending on your affinities, You can stay in luxury apartments and hotels, or relax in specially designed Wellness and Spa suites.

Another benefit, that distinguishes us from the others is the possibility to change Your accommodation any time You want, depending on Your needs. Flexibility is our principle, control is in Your hands.


In our agency’s offer, there is a large number of different vehicles various by their type and purpose. We recommend that You choose the vehicle according to Your character, so You can feel like on home ground.

If You have a special wish for a vehicle, which is not included in our offer, feel free to ask us, because, to us You are always in the first place!


If not in some other way, you will surely fall in love with Belgrade through your stomach. We wouldn’t be good hosts if we wouldn’t insist that you try the specialties of Serbian national cuisine.

However, aware of different needs and tastes, we have prepared a unique selection of the best restaurants various by type and cuisine, which, still, have one thing in common – superb food and excellent service.

Wellness & Spa

Nightlife in Belgrade team took into account the most diverse needs of our clients. We are not only dedicated to the wildest nightlife, but also to the other extreme – superb relaxation and body and spirit nurture. Therefore, in our offer we included, only for true hedonists, special Wellness & Spa centers and suites, for those who always wants to look impeccable, beauty and hair salons and for those with an active lifestyle – gyms.

Rich content, modern equipment and professional staff will allow you to spend a relaxing and memorable time nurturing your body and spirit.


The various events are what makes Belgrade alive. We offer you the possibility to experience each of them in the best way, from the front rows, or hidden in the VIP boxes.

We can provide tickets for the sports and cultural events, concerts, festivals, fashion shows and exclusive parties. With us, all the keys of the city are in your hands.


If You have a company here or You are planning a business trip to Belgrade we have prepared a number of different services.

We provides organization of individual segments or business events and conferences in whole – all of that while we take care of Your free time and how to get the most while staying in Belgrade.


Our team also consists of professionals who care for your own safety. Our mission, which permeates our business strategy is to provide the highest quality and the most demanding services to our customers.

That’s why we have reached a high level in the field of personal security in the form of protection of individuals and their movable assets.


Our large team includes highly trained professionals from a wide variety of areas who are there to enable you to fulfill your business tasks efficiently and spend your free time well.


All our hosts are kind, charismatic and highly trained guides specialized in different areas. From walking tours around the city center to the noisy clubs along the river, they will familiarize You with Belgrade from the perspective of our agency.


We want you to get to know Belgrade, so you can love Belgrade even more. Our exquisite guides will show you the most famous landmarks, but also, the secrets of this city and its surrounding, known to only a few. You are always free to choose what you want to see, when and how.

City sightseeing has never been simpler. Explore Belgrade from the comfort of a luxury vehicle, from the river, from the air, or simply by walking. These are the tours that we have prepared for you.


You are a lover of the river, or perhaps, a lover of unforgettable nightlife on it? In any case, we offer you the possibility to rent luxury yachts, which will make you the lord of the Danube and Sava rivers. You can enjoy the quiet river sailing, make a private party or maybe, just start a party on the boat, and later anchor on some of the Belgrade’s river clubs.