rent a helicopter

Want to buy someone a special gift? Lifelong experience?

Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary, special event or organizating

proposal, a helicopter flight is a gift that is sure to impress!

We are helping people to organize route according to their wishes and brings along

some friends to enjoy the experience too. This is the perfect way to enjoy the

bird’s eye view of Belgrade with up to 2 friends. You will be able to see the

most beautiful areas of this city.








Helicopter flight is a special experience that you will remember all your life, and

what better place than Belgrade to see the beautiful nature and remnants of

rich history? Flying in the clouds you will have the opportunity to enjoy the

view of the Sava and Danube rivers, Kalemegdan, Belgrade parks and forests,

Avala tower and all other sights which are seen from the air.

If you are looking for an original way to celebrate important dates or to make

your events more special, than this is the right choice for you. Your

engagement will be remembered as something really unique, and nothing can

outreach a romantic proposal while traveling in the clouds. Walking on clouds

will no longer be fantasy, it will become reality.

Arrival to the wedding is always an important moment for the newlyweds.

Imagine the scene, gusest are waiting for you in some beautiful destination,

and you land by helicopter, this is a guaranteed uniqueness!!!

Needless to say, there are rare gifts in the material world that represent a

lasting memory. It is up to you to imagine and determine the cause, and it is

ours to turn your wishes into reality.